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A Lil' About DShell

My name is Duck. I have been fly fishing for 9 years and tying for 8. I first picked up a fly rod when I was 6 and quickly lost interest because like most boys I didn't have the patience for anything I couldn't light on fire or melt with a magnifying glass. Luckily I picked it back up 11 years later with my dads old fly rod and a box of flies from walmart. I quickly learned that this was not a cheap hobby and spent way to much of my first year buying flies that I had to keep replacing. That winter, I bought my first vice, a few hooks and a pack of feathers. I tied almost 5,000 flies that winter and couldn't wait to try them out the next spring. I started handing out flies to everybody I met asking them to use them and to tell me what they thought. I wanted to make the best flies I could. I even went as far as to hold my breath under water to watch the natural bug hatch and then have a buddy land my flies next to me to see if they looked as life like as possible. After being hooked several times I decided that they looked as close as I could make them. I am constantly trying new ideas and ways of tying. This site has been a dream of mine for several years. All the flies on here were personally tied by me and if I wouldn't fish with it I wont sell it.

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